Jar of Love for April

My daughter, Malia, spent last Christmas with us, and helped me with my calendars.  Here’s a page she created:

Those jars are just adorable!  Our family loves to fish- everyone except Malia, that is.  She says she loves fishing, but just hates to catch them.  Feels sorry for the little things.  Me.  I grew up trout fishing in California with my dad.  I could spend all day looking for the perfect fishing hole & be so happy!  My husband loves deep sea fishing in Hawaii.  He actually was lost at sea about 24 years ago when his boat capsized & was miraculously rescued the next morning!

Now hop on over to see what Crystal & Anne came up with for April.


2 thoughts on “Jar of Love for April

  1. I love my calendar and your and Malia’s thoughts on fishing, but “Wow” what an experience that your husband went through. I can’t imagine what all you had to go through that night.

  2. Yes, that’s quite a story!! I went from irritated to angry to scared out of my mind over a few hours. He was finally picked up by a fishing boat at 7:30 am the next day! A real miracle!!

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