Shelli & Sterling Visit Maui

Last Saturday during our Maui Big Shots! Team Meeting I got a text from Shelli Gardner saying she & her family were on Maui & would like to meet with me & whoever else I wanted to invite.  I read the text to my team & we all went a little crazy!!  I decided to have them over to my house so that we could show them some Maui hospitality.  Last night was the special night.

Me & Shelli.  I’d met her about 5 years ago when I had to stand in line to get a photo with her… and here she is at my house for dinner!

Maui Stamper Stampin' Up! Sterling and Shelli visit Maui

Our family tree:  Crystal (Anne’s Team Leader), Sterling, Shelli, Anne (my Team Leader), & me

Random photos.  Everyone wanted their picture taken with these two celebrities!  We should have gotten autographs, you guys!  Shelli & Sterling were so gracious & down to earth.  We’re so grateful that they shared their vacation time with us!

I have to just say, it was a team effort getting this event together & I appreciate all of you so much that cleaned my house!, brought over delicious food & flowers, helped fill up the gift bag for Shelli.  And you should see my craft room!!  I have to take a picture!  It’s totally picked up!  Kind of a shocker when I walk in here!

Maui Stamper Stampin' Up! Sterling and Shelli visit Maui

After dinner we gathered around the front room asked them random questions.  Learned a bit of history about the journey of Stampin’ Up! and what’s coming up next (30th anniversary event in Orlando!)

Still glowing from the fun evening.  I’m so grateful for all the friends (old & new) I’ve made through Stampin’ Up!  Safe travels, Shelli & Sterling, until we meet again.  A hui hou.

13 thoughts on “Shelli & Sterling Visit Maui

  1. Oh what fun! Thanks for sharing your pics. I can’t think of anyone that represents SU better than you for Shelli and Sterling to spend time with. Lucky you and lucky them!

  2. This makes my heart so happy to see all the love and aloha you guys shared! I’m so thankful you had such a special gathering. I just love your team and look forward to seeing some of them next month! Blessings to you all!

  3. Cheryl, How exciting for you and your group that you got to spend time with Shelli and Sterling! The perfect setting for a perfect evening. Love ALL the smiles! Congratulations!

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